22 september 2015

And a letter back from Erika !

Last week I received this beautiful letter from Erika (The Netherlands). 
Erika made a trip to 'The Provence' (France) and created this letter on her vacation!
I got a real vacation feeling after reading this beautiful letter.
I can smell the parfume of lavender and feel the sunshine on my head <3

Erika made a lot of watercolor paintings and tag cards.
She created a little booklet and collected beautiful postcards from her vacation.
Furthermore she sent me some dried spices and leaves!

I look back at my wonderful vacation … Oh … I miss the sun and rest …
You too … ?

You can find Erika's wonderful website via this link: http://www.mikodesign.nl


4 augustus 2015

2 augustus 2015

Finally a new letter … To … Erika ! (The Netherlands)

It's been a while. I missed the letter writing and especially the creating.
I made a trip to Berlin (pictures follow) and found a lot of inspiration there!
Now I finally started with some new letters to lovely people!

This letter goes to Erika! She lives in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and has a really inspiring website!
Check it out: http://www.mikodesign.nl
Erika creates her own patterns and dolls. She loves Paris and you can find a lot of references to Paris in her work! Furthermore she makes really beautiful illustrations with food … It's really worth to have a look at these: https://www.pinterest.com/mikodesign/creative-food/

This time I made an envelope out of an old music score. I added some old illustrations of knights with their horses. I also added some confetti to give the letter a pretty and colourfull touch :)

I sent some old pictures, twines, paper pieces, postcards, poetical images from birds …
And a letter about Paris :)

Hope you like it Erika!


11 september 2014

A letter to Sara (Porto)

Last Tuesday I sent this letter to Sara (Porto).
Make sure to visit her lovely blog: http://randomplacesfamiliarfaces.blogspot.be!
Her pictures are really inspiring and just wonderful to look at!

I made an envelope out of an oldschool magazine,
and pimped it with little stickers, paper pieces and tapes!
Inside I used wrapping paper with flowers.
I really like the typefaces of the advertising in old magazines.
It really inspires me as a graphic designer.

Furthermore I made a little sketch booklet, 
with a lot of different papers inside.
I also picked out a nostalgic postcard, with a cute girl.
I really like the borders of these old postcards, 
and of course the handwriting on the backside.

I also collected some paper pieces for Sara. 
And sent some black tea :)
Finally I dried some purple flowers on vacation.

Hope you like the letter Sara!


10 september 2014

Vacation !! Prague, Budapest and Vienna

It's been a while, but I'm back now...

I had a wonderfull vacation in August !
Made a roadtrip to Prague, Budapest and Vienna.
You can see some views of these wonderful cities below.
I also visited some secondhand stores and flee markets, 
so collected a lot of stuff for my future letters. 
See you soon!


12 april 2014

A package back from Nina ! (Germany)

Last week I received a really nice package from Nina !
You can admire her blog her: http://nina-m-blog.blogspot.be

I never received a real package till now, so I'm really excited! :)
Nina sent me a knitted patch, and an old play card with the
letter 'E'. I also received really nice pieces of paper and a 
self bound booklet !!

I'm really happy with all the stickers and little drawings 
that Nina made! The garland is a beautiful idea to create 
and sent all over the world. <3 It gives a cosy feeling and 
these little things give me a desire to create things myself :)

Finally I also received some very good green tea!
I really love all the packaging from this brand: Clipper teas!

Thank you so much Nina <3

19 maart 2014

A letter to Nina! (Garmany)

Two weeks ago I sent this letter to Nina (Germany).
You can find her lovely blog here: www.nina-m-blog.blogspot.de/
I love her pictures and of course her letters :)

Like usual I sent some paper pieces, this time a piece of a 'japanese paper'. 
I also sent some tea, stamps an analogue pictures. 
Furthermore I made a postcard with a bear, out of a newspaper sheet
and some collected papers :)

I collected some old buttons for Nina. Hope she likes these!
I found these buttons in a second hand store. As well I found
an old illustration from a woman in a beautiful dress. 
It's a black and white print from 1930!

Beside I created a bird and sent some yarn. And finally I made
some prints with dried leaves.

Hope you like this all Nina!
I'm looking forward to your letter back :)